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Dance is the mechanism, whanau is the goal.

The primary purpose of Zion Dance Studios is:

Through Hip Hop Dance, to offer young people to express themselves creatively in a safe and welcoming environment, investing in their social development, personal well-being as well as there dance skills.


Be True To Who We Are

  • Grow people and dance together

  • Create and maintain a positive family/whanau feel where everyone feels welcome and valued

  • Have staff and role models who love God and love young people

  • Establish and maintain parameters around music, costume and movement that allow culturally relevant expression while being age appropriate, self-valuing and in alignment with the values of Northcity church

Pursue Excellence

  • Develop an excellent work ethic and commit to achieving goals

  • Create a positive environment where teachers are capable and prepared and students pay attention and apply themselves in class

  • Aim for excellence – strive to be the best professionally and competitively in our local and national dance industry

  • Provide opportunities for performance in end of term concerts and other engagements

Value Others

  • Treat others with respect, honour and integrity

  • Value and affirm the unique perspectives, opinions and talents of others

  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively, combining our different strengths to build a strong team

  • Know each other so that those in need can be properly supported

  • Lend a hand

Build Positive Relationships

  • Proactively develop positive, open and supportive relationships between staff, students and families

  • Build long term trusted and valued relationships within our local area and extended dance community

  • Model behaviour that inspires and encourages cooperation and collaboration

  • Maintain a relational connection with the wider Northcity church whanau so that students and families feel comfortable to explore faith questions if they want to

Act With Integrity

  • Language and behaviour is respectful and appropriate

  • Each person takes responsibility for their own behaviour

  • Communicate openly, honestly and with positive intent

  • Take good care of facilities, resources and the belongings of others

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