Sponsorship Conditions

Zion’s dance sponsorships are made available to provide assistance to school-aged children and youth who are from financially disadvantaged families or backgrounds, and where finance is a barrier to participation. The scholarships are not aimed at supporting talented dancers, but is rather about providing children and youth with the opportunity to continue to participate in dancing.


We understand that it is never easy to ask for assistance and therefore will treat all applications as confidential.

Zion continues to encourage individuals, businesses and other sources to give donations towards the purpose.


The criteria for a ZION Dance Sponsorship includes the following:

  1. Children and youth must be aged between 5 and 18 years old at the time of application. The applicant’s immediate parents/caregiver are unable to support the applicant by meeting the necessary related costs to enable participation in dance.

  2. Given the number of applications received, it is advisable (not compulsory) that, applications submitted which provide evidence of financial hardship will stand a greater chance of being accepted. This may be by way of supporting documentation, i.e. WINZ documentation or income/bank statements/payslips.

  3. The application must meet the due date and no applications will be reviewed if received after the due date until the following due date.

  4. Generally, no more than 50% of the total cost of the fees for a single term will be paid.

  5. Applicants must commit to attending all classes where possible.

  6. Applications must be received on a ZION Dance Sponsorship Application Form by the due date, which is three weeks before the start of each term.

    • Monday, 13 July 2020 for Term 3 (this date has been extended)

    • Monday, 21 September 2020 for Term 4


Applications must be completed in full and supported by an independent person who can verify the need for financial assistance.  All sponsorships are at the Zion Studios Management Team’s discretion.

To apply, please download an application form here.

Forms can be posted to:

ZION Dance Sponsorship, Northgate Community Services Trust, PO Box 5263, Papanui, 8052

or scanned and emailed to office@zionstudios.co.nz


All applications must be supported by an independent person who can verify the applicant’s need for financial assistance. This person may be:

  • A school principal

  • A church minister/pastor

  • A representative of a government or support agency such as WINZ

  • Any other person deemed appropriate by Zion Studios


Special Applications will be considered by the committee for special cases that occur outside the usual application timeline and were delaying the application until the next round would cause either undue hardship or the opportunity to be lost.


There must be relevant circumstances that prevented the applicant from applying within the normal timelines.

To apply as a special application, complete the process as per a normal application and attach an accompanying letter requesting your application to be considered as a special application and outline the reason why.

The following conditions apply to ZION Dance Sponsorship.

  1. All applications are processed by the Zion Studios management team and it reserves the right to seek further clarification from the person supporting the application in order to make their decision. Successful applicants will receive a letter by email or post with details of their assistance within 2 weeks of the closing date.

  2. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter by email or post with details of their outcome within 2 weeks of the closing date.

  3. Zion Studios will not enter into correspondence where an application has been declined.


Email: office@zionstudios.co.nz
Post: ZION Dance Sponsorship, Northgate Community Services Trust, PO Box 5263, Papanui, 8052

Phone: (03) 3750850

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