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We have recently introduced a new registration software called Dance Studio Pro. This allows you to have your own account/parent portal that allows you to register your child online and holds all information you need about your child’s classes. You can access Class video’s, music files, notices and all your account balances. There is a tutorial video at the end of this page on how to set up your account.

Follow this link to create your account to register for classes.


New students start in a beginner level class for their age-group unless they have been assessed by one of our management staff.  Please contact us well in advance of the new term starting so we can work with you to find the right fit if you are an experienced dancer.

Students who wish to take more than one class should discuss this with us before registering to ensure that all factors have been properly considered first and that it is an appropriate path for the student.

All advanced and semi-advanced crews are determined by audition at the beginning of each year and any changes are determined by the teaching and management staff by assessment.  Students at this level are assigned to crews rather than choosing one themselves.

Please note there is a 20 student per class limit – once this has been reached we will create a wait list and contact you with options moving forward.

All students selected for advanced crews must attend the NOIZ Academy sessions in addition to their crew class unless specifically agreed via the Studio Administrator.  NOIZ Academy develops a broad range of skills that invest in both their dance ability and their well-being and personal growth.  The intention is to build well-rounded, resilient dancers who develop an excellent sense of self and of community/whanau.  This not only creates a strong dance crew, but gives them great skills for navigating life in general.  Except in specific circumstances, performance and competition crews will be made up of dancers from NOIZ Academy.


Once you have set up your account in Dance Studio Pro, and registered your child for a class, you will receive a confirmation email with your class name, day and time, this means your child now holds a place in that class.

If you have a special request, or need info from us, please get in touch well in advance of the term beginning. Please check your junk email in case our response is filtered by your email server.

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