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General expectations

At Zion we are passionate about Hip Hop dance!  However, we are also passionate about creating an environment that is fun, encouraging and positive.

Our commitment is to have teachers and facilities that promote such values & ethics.  We foster a partnership between the studio/teachers & the students.  It is when we work together that we are strongest:

“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini”

“It is not from my strength alone, but from the strength of the group that comes success” 

That is why we feel it is important that there are not only expectations for the studio and teachers, but also for the students and their families.


  • Be professional, energetic and encouraging in both the way that they teach and the way that they relate to you each student and the class as a whole

  • Ensure that music, choreography and costuming are age and skill appropriate

  • Be in the designated studio on time, prepared and ready to go at the scheduled class time

  • Provide students with their own copy of the dance mix by the end of week four of the term – for students to take home and rehearse to.


  • We operate out of a shared facility, so it is important that this is acknowledged and understood.  There are often multiple activities happening at the Northcity church facility and we expect students to be considerate of other users.  All spaces, equipment property must be used with care and respect.

  • Respect is shown to studio management and staff and instructions are followed as requested

  • Teachers must respected and listened to during the class.  Any disruption by the few affects the rest of the class and will not be tolerated.

  • We do not tolerate any form of bullying or disrespectful behaviour by students towards other students, staff or users of the facility.

  • Students are on time, prepared and ready to fully engage in their class.  If they are not able to attend or participate they should communicate this to the teaching staff or Studio Administrator.

  • Have fun and enjoy being part of Zion Studios.

  • Appropriate dance shoes must be worn for all classes, no dancing in socks.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn. e.g - shorts or track pants, t-shirt or Hoodie. Must be able to dance in it.

  • All students should bring their own water bottle to class.


  • Fees are to be paid prior to the beginning each term, unless an arrangement has been discussed and agreed to by Zion management.  Students with unpaid invoices who haven’t contacted us to make an arrangement for delayed payment will not be permitted to attend class.  Any debt collection fees incurred in collecting overdue debts will be added to the amount outstanding.

  • If there appears to be an error on the students account, provide relevant details by email to

  • so that the error can be investigated by appropriate staff.

  • Provide constructive feedback and consultation when appropriate but respect Zion’s decisions and processes.

  • Engage with staff constructively to resolve any concerns or issues that they may arise.

  • Understand that Zion is staffed on a part-time basis so please bear this in mind when contacting us.  Please be aware that people in the Northcity church administration area are not Zion staff and are unlikely to be able to assist you.


The previous expectations notwithstanding, a beginner class should look like this…

  • Start: Teachers greet you in the café area before moving from the café area through to the studio.

  •  Roll call & Warm up: The warm-up will be approximately 10 minutes long, consisting of simple moves to get the body working and a stretch to ensure that muscles are not strained during class.

  •  Teaching: Every fortnight a new set will be learned; every other/in between week will be going over the previous week set and formatting/positioning it,so children need to practice these at home each week. They'll be working towards the class’s dance piece in the end of term concert. 


Advanced classes are for those who desire to progress a higher level of dance ability.  They are longer in duration than the beginner class to include more teaching time and body conditioning, to help facilitate these goals.  Students are selected for advanced classes by audition (run annually in December to start in the following term).  When accepting a place in an advanced crew, students must understand and agree to the additional Expectations that come with the privilege of being part of this group of crews.  Please click here to read those Expectations.

A breakdown of the advanced class should look like this…

  •  Start: Students are greeted by teacher in the café area and any discussions will take place there before moving through to the studio to begin dancing.

  •  Warm up: An advanced warm-up could include running or jumping to get the body moving, it may also include some technique practice through repeated simple moves.

  •  Strengthening: Strengthening drills of the abdominals, legs and arms may be completed to music. Strength in the core and main muscles of the body will help students to execute moves to the best of their ability and improve their overall performance.

  •  Teaching: Students will learn advanced sets throughout the term in preparation for the concert. They will need to practice these at home during the week and then teachers will critique the sets in class (not re-teach them!).

All students in advanced classes are also required to attend NOIZ Academy.

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