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Things to know about comps and trips


  • At Zion we have a good record of producing competition crews that have performed and placed at numerous competitions locally, nationally and even internationally.  Each year, we commit to preparing crews to compete in a number of local and international competitions. However, although we proactively aim to participate in these competitions, crews/performers should not take it for granted that they will be part of the Zion team attending.  There is a wide range of criteria for us to assess prior to determining how many crews and which students we offer a participation opportunity to – such as (but not limited to) crew and individual dancer readiness in both skill and attitude, costs, scheduling conflicts, support team availability, criteria of the event etc.

  • In general, all competition crews will be built from students who attend NOIZ Academy, as this means that they are able to take part in the additional holistic development that we have found is required to succeed.

  • Some competitions are qualifiers for subsequent competitions. While it is very exciting to be selected to progress in a competition or even to win selection for an international competition, we may not be able (for the same variety of reasons) to accept a place in the competition that has been qualified for.  This is especially true when out of town travel is required.

  • All participation decisions and selection offers are entirely the discretion of Zion management, considering all resources, criteria, and other relevant information; including, when requested, input from parents/bill payers.  Acceptance of an offered spot is up to individual students and parents in consideration of the commitment involved.  However, given that minimum crew member numbers are required in most cases, confirmation can’t be made until that minimal number of students have committed to participate in a particular crew.

  • We do not compel students to participate, regardless of which crew they are a member of – remember that competitions are opportunities we enjoy being able to facilitate, but they are not the primary focus of Zion.  We completely understand and support that life happens outside dance.  However, once a dancer has committed to a competition it is important to understand that there are implications for others if they withdraw.  For this reason, proper consideration must be given before a dancer commits their participation.


  • Estimates of costs will be given prior to requiring commitment from any student for a performance or competition. However, as many of these costs are to do with travel or events outside our management, confirmed costs may not be available until after we have information on numbers/crews/etc involved and commitments will be needed based on ball park estimates only.

  • Travel and event costs will be invoiced as cost recovery only (i.e. no Zion profit margin will be included).  In all cases, these invoices need to be paid within 7 days to reimburse us for the costs paid on your behalf.

    • All known costs for an event – e.g. entry fees, costumes – will be invoiced to relevant travellers as soon as they are known.

    • Any costs incurred on behalf of an individual traveller (e.g. flights) will be oncharged immediately.

    • General costs incurred during the event/travel – e.g. food, activities, transport – will be invoiced as soon as practical after the event or trip.

  • Agreeing to be a part of any competition, performance or event crew includes agreeing to

    • attend all associated meetings, rehearsals and performances

    • participate in relevant fundraising

    • paying for any fees, costume costs, travel costs etc prior to the trip or event

    • adhering to all rules and expectations (this agreement extends to any family members or supporters who are also involved/travelling).

  • Zion has no liability or requirement to reimburse or refund any costs incurred by or for students who are uninvited, withdrawn or suspended in any situation due to policy or behaviour breaches by them or a person associated with them.


  • While we encourage crews to participate in identified events and competitions, as a studio we cannot take sole responsibility to plan, organise and manage all logistics required – specifically with regard to travel, accommodation and fundraising.  Our staff are all part-time and need input and support from students and their families to make events happen.  Families need to commit their co-operation and support, as students and staff.  However, guidelines and communication will be in place so that we are all on the same page and working as one whanau toward goals.

  • Competitions fall outside of our employment agreements with the teachers, meaning that a teacher’s attendance of a competition with any crew is completely voluntary and a personal, rather than an employment, commitment.  Often the teachers will be part of competition crews themselves.  It should also be noted that if a teacher is at a competition to perform themselves, they may choose to focus primarily on that purpose and not necessarily be available to work with their students.  However, whenever possible, we will ensure that all competing students have assigned support from interns or other appropriate staff.

  • There will be Trip Forms issued for all travel that includes info on the event and rules and expectations that you must read and agree to. Ensure that you read and accept all information and that you adhere to the rule and expectations.  Zion Studios will assign a suitable person to liaise with parents and caregivers during events and competitions, but this will be just one of their tasks and their primary focus will be making sure that event and external commitments are met and that students are properly cared for.  Crew members and accompanying support people are expected to help and support each other as well as those in other crews.

  • All Zion events, trips and performances have a strictly enforced zero drug and alcohol policy. This includes parents and supporters staying in shared accommodation with the students.  Parents and supporters who do not wish to comply with this policy must arrange alternate accommodation away from the Zion group.

  • Students, families and others attending a competition or event as part of Zion will be expected to act in alignment with Zion’s values and guidelines.  Competitions are by nature high stress environments.  Disruptive or negative behaviour or actions that are contrary to instruction or the rules that have been stipulated either before or during the event will not be tolerated.  Any such action by a student (or, in some cases their parent, caregiver or family member) may result in the student being withdrawn from the event.  This is not an action that will be undertaken lightly, but will be determined by the event or trip management team in consideration of the impact of the offending behaviour on the wider group.

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