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Being a part of an advanced or semi advanced crew is a privilege, not a right. Along with any privilege comes responsibility and commitment, not just from students, but also their families and caregivers.
Consider carefully whether you will be able to meet the expectations that come with being in one of these crews prior to accepting the place offered.  Remember that you have auditioned to be a part of a crew at this level and, as we have limited spaces, many who auditioned have not been offered a spot.  In fairness to everyone –those who didn’t make it, those who will be investing in you, and those dancing alongside you – please don’t accept an advanced or semi-advanced crew spot without understanding and agreeing to these advanced student expectations.
Minors who accept positions in advanced crews must have the approval of their parents/caregivers who have also read and agreed to these expectations.


NOIZ Academy is a compulsory component of all advanced crews and some semi-advanced crews.  Acceptance of a position in one of these crews therefore includes a commitment to attend NOIZ sessions on Monday nights.  Please talk to Zion Management if you are unclear about what this means or if there are factors that you need to discuss.


  • Be at all practices as a priority. This includes, for example:

    • attending practice even when there is a social engagement that you would rather be at

    • when you don’t “feel like it”

    • when you have an injury or minor illness that isn’t contagious and/or doesn’t require bedrest. You can still learn and participate in various ways even if you are unable to dance

    • when it is hot / cold / early / late etc

    • when you are annoyed at / about somebody in your crew or your teacher

  • Give as much notice as possible if you have an important, unavoidable reason to miss a Zion commitment to ensure any adjustment for your absence can be planned for

  • It is unacceptable at any time to walk out of a practice, meeting, conversation or workshop; all issues must be resolved in an appropriate, responsible, respectful manner.

  • When you have committed to a performance/event or competition, this commitment includes attendance at all meetings and practices. Any potential absences should be discussed with Zion management prior to accepting a spot in a crew for that competition/event so that, where possible, planning can be made around any expected absence – although that will not always be possible and it may be that you will need to be a reserve performer or even skip that particular commitment

  • Give your full effort and a positive attitude in classes and workshops

  • Accepting a place in a crew, performance or competition means committing to pay the relevant fees and costs on time. Fees are kept as low as possible and all non-Zion costs are passed on without “clicking the ticket” to minimise the financial hurdle for everyone who wants to be a part of Zion. This means that we operate on a very tight budget and need you to pay your bills on time to meet our financial commitments.



  • Recognise that you are part of a crew and that your behaviour, attitude and contribution affects the experience and ability to learn and grow of those around you. Ensure that you are not the person that makes it hard for others or for your teachers and leaders.

  • Try your best to leave your “stuff” at the door. This doesn’t just mean your belongings, but also anything going on for you or others that is not relevant in the class.  If you are disconnected or abrasive in class it will change the whole environment and it is unreasonable for you to allow personal issues to impact everyone else.  If you are going through a major issue that is likely to affect your ability to positively participate, ensure that you discuss this with your teacher or Zion management.  Together we can work out what can be done to help you – and to minimise any impact on the rest of the class.  Remember that we can’t help you if we don’t know there is something going on.  We have an awesome team of community support professionals supporting Zion students and families so don’t struggle with stuff on your own when we are here to help.  However, if your issue is a minor one, just lay it all on the dance floor rather than giving it any attention.  There is nothing like dance to help you work out the kinks in your day.  Take the opportunity to get stuck in and leave it all behind you – even just for that hour.

  • You are an important role model both inside and outside of class. Remember that the younger students look up to you and will copy the behaviour that you exhibit.  Do not condone or engage in illegal or illicit activity or encourage others to do so.  Be very mindful of the content of conversations when younger or impressionable students are present and may overhear you.

  • At Zion we have a Zero Tolerance for Bullying Policy.

  • Don’t talk about somebody behind their back or engage in gossiping, personal judgements are otherwise undermining of others. This is a form of bullying and will not be tolerated.  If you have an issue with somebody – student, teacher whoever – either talk directly to that person or an appropriate member of Zion management.  Remember that listening to and spreading gossip is the same as cheering on while somebody is being physically bullied.  Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

  • Understand that being friendly, supportive and respectful of others is important and encouraged, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to claim relationships uninvited. For example, it may be inappropriate to private message people, comment on their personal life or contact your teachers outside of class times etc.  Be considerate of the personal space of others.

  • Be aware and careful about how you communicate on social media. Remember that this is a public arena that creates a perception of who you are so ensure that you are representing yourself (and Zion) well.

  • Do not turn up to Zion or any associated event under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Disruptive or disrespectful behaviour, bullying, bad language etc will be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour (including, in some circumstances from parents or supporters) may result in a range of disciplinary actions, including potentially being withdrawn from your crew, suspended from Zion Studios or other actions made at the discretion of Zion Studios management and Board of Trustees.

  • Respect the Northcity building and facilities, the spaces of other organizations when performing offsite and the property of others. Do not use resources, rooms or equipment unless specifically approved by Zion management.  Remember that none of these things are yours, nor do they belong to Zion.



We are very fortunate to be able to use facilities and resources at Northcity, which are also shared by a number of other Northcity and community groups.  Continued mis-use or disrespect of resources, rooms and equipment may result in them becoming unavailable to Zion students.

  • Clean up your own mess and don’t leave your dishes or rubbish for others to clear away.

  • Make sure all spaces are clean and tidy and all equipment is put away (ready for the next user) before you leave the room.

  • Take your gear and belongings with you when you go.

  • You are responsible for you own personal belongings, so ensure that you look after them and do not leave anything unattended in the café or Spark room. Zion or Northcity accepts no liability for personal belongings that go missing.



  • You must be open to learning new and different things. This includes sessions that you may not expect to pursue further or don’t really interest you.  Remember that every opportunity will be something that will help you to grow.  Who knows what you might need in your bag of tricks later on?!

  • Take advantage of any Workshops whenever possible – whether here at Zion, or through other organisations. These are arranged to allow you a range of new growth opportunities and will help to develop skills that will prepare you for performances and events that we may be offered.  Help us to attract high quality teachers – or invitation to outside workshops – by ensuring that we develop a reputation for having motivated, enthusiastic students.

  • Zion is not just about making you a better dancer; we are also committed to personal and community development. We have a number of non-dance support programmes at Zion and across the wider Northcity organization that may be able to assist you with personal and family issues.  Please talk to Zion Management if there is something going on for you that you could do with some support with, even if it is just an open ear.



  • Support and celebrate the successes of everyone – don’t just save your encouragement and praise for those at the top of their game, or people you know

  • Accept selection decisions made and be supportive rather than critical when you are disappointed. There will be a range of opportunities that will be suitable or unsuitable for individuals or groups for a variety of reasons and Zion management will make selection decisions considering all factors.

  • While selection factors will vary for each specific event, the one thing that will be constant is a requirement that performers/competitors selected must understand that they are representing Zion as well as themselves. This means that the confidence of Zion leadership that participating students will represent Zion values and expectations of behaviour is of the highest priority.  A breach of these values and expectations at any stage – pre or during events – will result in the removal of a student from the event group.  Please note; under some circumstances, removal could be due to disruptive or disrespectful behaviour by family members or other supporters rather than the student themselves.

  • When we travel out of town, we do so as a group. This means all travelling students and staff travelling together, staying together, working together.  This is not only because it builds relationships across crews and age-groups, but is also an important practical measure to maximise cost savings and allow us to be well organised and efficient, able to make changes to schedules, deal with issues as they arise and easily manage and account for the large number of students who are in our care.  Any student with concerns about this must discuss them with Zion management prior to accepting a place for the relevant event.  While there are sometimes genuine reasons that we may agree exemptions for, these are not common and must be discussed with Zion management – not simply advised to them.  Non-compliance with this requirement will likely mean that the student has their place withdrawn for that particular trip or event.

  • Prizemoney or gifts for performance or competition crews (in most circumstances) will be invested in our sponsorship fund rather than being gifted to those performers involved. This recognises that no crew or individual is successful without support from the whole Zion community, and gives us all an opportunity to be part of a community that supports each other in practical terms.

  • Do not offer or accept any event or engagement on behalf of Zion without the explicit approval of Zion management. This includes any engagement where you know that the perception is that you are accepting as a Zion crew or performer even when that isn’t your specific intent.

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