Urban Hip Hop Dance School



Our Policies and Procedures-

The Building Capacity 

  • Will always be kept under 100 people.  

  • Parents cannot accompany children into the building and will have to wait in their vehicles. 

  • Dancers will be allowed into the building for their classes only and will not be able to hang out before and after their classes 

  • Pre-school parents may accompany their children, but will need to follow directions set by staff when entering the building 

  • Physical separators in passages will discourage mingling between groups. 

  • Separate entrances to studios will be provided to avoid over lapping in passages 

  • The 100-person limit will be managed by our sign in/contact tracing procedure. 

Contact Tracing 

  • Access to the building will be limited to the main front doors only. 

  • There will be a desk set up in the foyer with a tablet for signing in and out electronically 

  • Hand sanitizer and after using the tablet will be required by everyone entering the building 

  • There will be social distancing markers on the ground at the entrance to discourage congregation of people 

  • Dancers and visitors with flu-like symptoms are asked to remain at home 

  • Anyone with symptoms will be asked to go home. 

Social Distancing 

  • Students will be asked to keep a social distance of 2 meters 

  • The café will be set up with only 2 chairs per small table and 4 chairs per large table to avoid people from mingling 

  • Markers on the floor spaced 2 meters apart in the bathroom area will help minimising congestion in that area 

  • Students are asked to refrain from any physical touching such as hugs or high fives. 

  • Floor markings 2 meters apart in the studios will help to keep distancing during dance classes 

  • Large classes will move to larger studios/rooms to reduce congestion 

  • The ventilation systems will be running in the studios and rooms during classes. 

  • No additional fans will be used to avoid blowing air onto faces of dancers 

  • The Spark room external doors and windows will remain open during sessions to encourage fresh air supply 

  • Choreography will be adjusted to avoid dancers coming too close to others 

  • Different groups will be using separate toilets to avoid mingling 

Food & Water Consumption 

  • The kitchen will be closed to all visitors and dancers.  

  • Dancers will not be able to eat or share food on site and are asked to eat before sessions. 

  • Dancers will need to bring their own drink bottles. If anyone forgets their drink bottle, they will need to ask their teacher get them a cup. 

  • There will be no cups available for use at the water coolers to avoid mingling. 

Payment Methods  

  • Payments will be accepted by Eftpos only or online to avoid cash handling.  

  • The Eftpos machine will be sanitised after each use. 


  • Teachers are encouraged to use masks when in close contact with a dancer for longer than 4 minutes 

  • Sanitisers are available at the entrance to each room. We encourage students sanitise their hands often and wash their hand when they visit the bathrooms.  

  • Surfaces like doors, door handles, tables, walls, arm rests that people regularly touch, will be sanitised at the end of the dance sessions each day. 

  • High usage areas like door handles and equipment will be sanitised at the end of each dance session. 



The primary purpose of Zion Dance Studios is:

Through Hip Hop Dance, to offer young people to express themselves creatively in a safe and welcoming environment, investing in their social development, personal well-being as well as there dance skills.

Come learn with some of the best at Zion Dance Studios. All of our dance instructors are passionate and ready to offer the knowledge that they have. Whether your focus is technique, improvement or you’re just looking for a new way to work out , have fun and make new friends, you can find it here. Explore our site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions.



Studio hours:

Mon - Thurs: 4pm - 7.30pm

Office hours:

Mon - Thurs: 11am - 4pm

Please note:

Our staff are part time, so we may not be immediately available when contacted, we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.




Phone: (03) 3750850

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